Thursday, September 15, 2016

A few descriptions people have given of me dancing indiscriminately in bars.

Nascar racer rather a Nascar movie starring Will Ferrell
Bob Hope on a treadmill
A young Samuel Clemens

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

An abbattoir of sorts


More McGuane

I wrote to McGuane. Sent him a couple of poems Dustin and I shanedunked. I hope he writes me back. Here's him discussing the short story, a form I continue to find extremely challenging to write, but great to read:

Are you more drawn to the story form than the novel these days?
I’m a bit bipolar on this one. I do plan to write another novel, but the writing I find most interesting today is in the short story. It’s not even close. The best short stories today are written by people whose interests are literary and artistic, full stop. The form seems impervious to the ulterior motives behind the swollen quality of many serious novels. A level of immediacy, the minimal scaffolding, the prospects for lyric intensity feed the hope that the reader may be a cultivated person.