Sunday, August 16, 2015

Every semester it’s the same thing

Found this from last August — still fresh/pertinent. 
"back in Jowrr-djja, that’s Georgia for the folks who ain’t froom rown deez pahts. Somehow sucked the minutes from the hours of the day as if it were the juice from a ripened peach. Now I’m going to bed, having planned so dismally for a class I teach in exactly one week and a day three days"

Thursday, August 06, 2015


B: Rather enjoying these idle thoughts I'm having.

D: Teehee. Glad to hear it. Whatcha got on your mind turkeydog?

B: In consequential. That's the beauty of it!

D: Ah, a true dandy to the end!

Gallatin Canyon

Tom McGuane writes about me in 2003, or who I will be in twelve years, but from a female perspective, in his story Gallatin Canyon:

She had been married, briefly, long ago, and that fact, together with the relatively peaceful intervening years, gave a pleasant detachment to most of her relationships.