Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lordly Mexican and he still likes the books

I have wanted to post about this now for some time, but don't believe I was capable. See similar to an architect who doesn't design a great building until he's ready to die of old age, I feel I did not have the necessary weight of world experience behind me that I could make a statement of the kind that I am about to make with any reasonable authority. The grilled streak tacos are delicious to behold at El Tequila. We were alarmed to discover that they will no longer be doing their $1.75 margarita specials however. Still it is the place to go in Milledgeville. In other news,  Dustin and I are going to Atlanta to the High MUseum of Art today. Actually I need to arouse myself. I am already notoriously late in life, but this time I need to be ready like my life depended on it. It will be swell to get my brain charged on something that's not the books, though I still like them.

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