Monday, March 10, 2014

Striving towards the upward reaches of mediocrity; goddamn it bill

It's perhaps worth me considering my worth in this community. So far this semester I have contributed two worthless documents and an increasingly wild hairdo. One that is worth salvaging perhaps, the work on the other hand is not even something a dog would like to nibble on. Nevertheless I am here, striving to mediocrity. I can afford a martini once a night and wahtever. I am not an intellectual because I am too much fun. Will my brain grow larger than it is. My teacher told me to stop using notes!

Dave Graney told me to do that too, or he would look at me with bemusement, when I attended his radio show with Lady Clarkey. So I used my notes in cass this time because I didn't know what I was talking about and I needed them, but the notes were worthless they didn't say anything to me. My arrogance to teach the class William S Burroughs was inexcusable. I stared at my notes. The class was silent, jostling uncomfortably. I wish I had today back. It was one of those days I would do differently for sure and there aren't many of those days that I have much anymore except right now!