Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dear Fredd Blogg

Last week I laid down next to Flannery's grave.

Today I saw a lizard that was more human in its expressiveness than a lot of the people in my writing program in Milledgeville and that's not to say that they are inexpressive (full disclosure: my first submission was eviscerated like the plague), just that this lizard was unexpectedly lifelike. That said, there's not a lot of expressiveness occurring among the writers - everyone gives off a sort of terrified countenance and that is kinda neat. I am keen to win them over.  I'd be crazy not to try. Furthermore, Flannery would have hated my story and there I am posing seductively over her grave.

OMG so there's a band called History of Apple Pie. What can I say the history of music just got a whole bunch interesting.

My teacher bought me a beer to cheer me up after workshop, but i was already drunk. The film Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed in Georgia. My friend Sarah served me them the other night.

The rap group De La Soul just made all their stuff available for free. How fresh is it? It is so fresh. I am astounded with their taste. I am identifying the dopest samples that I only recently discovered. Fried GGreen Tomatoes.

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