Sunday, November 03, 2013

Spooky update

Celebrated Halloween for the last time ever at the age of 40 yesterday. I was never going to be simply 40 and have it be Halloween ever again.

Portland's good I used to dine here regularly in the nineties (photo), by which I mean I think I went here once. I definitely went once. I definitely did not eat there the morning I took this photo. But hey that's life in the gritty city.

 Slept through the trick or treaters, I think. Down in Tim's basement, I never heard the door, if there was a knock by some ghoulishly-attired children, well I was either asleep or I didn't hear them.

In somewhat scary-ass news there was a red beer can downstairs that still felt cold that neither Tim nor I knew who had drunk it. To complicate things, it was a Hawaiian lager that I remembered from his birthday back in August. To further complicate this complex mystery Tim lives in a house with a basement and all basements in america have an air of horrible sex crimes or at the very least, a butt-slapping patois alluding to S&M shenanigans. Needless to say, I slept peacefully and unencumbered by demons in the night.

I did watch part of Paranormal Activity a time before so the sudden beer can emergence was like a scene straight out of their surveillance footage that would give one pause. Not a great series, but effective in establishing a mood.

 A slightly nightmarish upbringing involving my sister peddling slasher movie storylines is documented in this essay here:

 Good Night!

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