Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Destroyer @ Mississippi Studios

Carla T (Jesse's Girl):

So...did Dan take you for a whirl in his machine or what? I need details please, not forgetting that the closest I've been to a Destroyer gig was at "The Magic Sponge" bar in Cambodia where the bartender looked kinda like Dan and played a bunch of Pavement while Anna and I were talking to a Dutch guy who had taken too much acid and couldn't remember what his name was. Actually, that was a pretty great night. Did I fail to mention, there's a sword hanging above you!?

Joy Boy:

Oh, Carla! I remember your Cambodia vacation like I was there eating happy pizza with you! Dan simply destroyed matt and I and beguiled us with a showing of deep lyrical majesty and mouth watering eccentric melody. He came on-stage bearing a red guitar and suddenly I longed for a pair of doc martens with a similar hue. His shirt was unbuttoned far and his hair was very curly. He sang most of the hits, they were all so good, wringing profound emotion out of streethawk, virgin with a memory, downtown, savage night at the opera, european oils, foam hands, my fav year, helena and the one that goes your father is a fucking maniac. I only wish he sang the one that goes, “no man has ever hung from the rafters of a second home.” The times he faltered lyrically a crowd member kindly suggested the lyrics and the great man continued apace. He laughed once when the girl next to me, a scorpio also, I learned this using my detective acumen, purred like a cat. What a night! 

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