Saturday, October 12, 2013

Night's on the up and up

Had a great night. They arrested a man on Stark, took several police, a fire truck. The man was completely nude.

Must remember not to leave the front desk to get pure can sugar for strangers. Last time I did that the tape dispenser went missing.

Do find my job pretty jazzy. When I sit down at 1030pm just prior to clocking in and the chords of an overly-familiar song, soporific in any other setting, say the Clash's Train in Vain (true story), washes over me, I'm good, best I've been in weeks, maybe months. Still my life is only as good as the occasional text I send: "Aborted V on page 250. Yet how did I get through Vineland? Cleansing myself with Life on the Mississip..." (contents of an actual text msg).

Then I think how, I've clocked in by this point and been doing my thing for several hours, how good the atmosphere is, how secure I feel amongst the volatile city streets. The music is great company sure and at a perfect pitch. There is heard some screaming outside, commotion. The hotel sits opposite the Georgia, which is actually quite ghoulish. Police cars swarm in, produce low-frequency buzz zaps as if cornering a giant mosquito. But no, it's not a mosquito. I go through the cafe for a better look. It's 3am. I'm the only one there. It's a naked man with his hands up yelling. I go back to my pleasant front desk area and the bacon apple sandwich that I am loving so much. Hills Farm bacon, granny smith apple, roasted red onion aioli and white cheddar on focaccia. I get a meal credit.

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