Thursday, July 11, 2013

Discussion of Purdy's Malcolm (via Facebook msging)

I am reading Purdy's exquisite Malcolm!

Which ones dat? 

If only more men where like purdy.

I know! It's a short novel about a sartorially-splendid young bastard who sits on a bench and meets an astrologer who is worried about the benched young orphan and sends him to his sartorially splendid friend who at the moment is assessing him bemusedly. It is great!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hello, it's me

Tim, of Lone Sausage fame (infamy?), fellow Spartan alum (eeeep) took umbrage at my dismissal of Thom Yorke's vocal stylings yesterday. We were listening to a PJ Harvey album in his expansive garden and I said ewww the guest singer whines like a girl. Tim called me sexist. My rejoinder was to tell him that I like it when girls do it (I was unable to pick an example off-hand). Guys who whine, it is their attempt at exquisite operatic pain, I argued and that is rarely achieved interestingly. Yorke, to my ears, comes off as a pretentious toad. I think it is Kirsty Steggers who said that a singing voice shouldn't be completely alien to your talking voice. Obviously there are exceptions. Pavoratti and things like that, but we're talking about rock. What Tim said next really taked the cake. PJ Harvey sings like a man! A nice juxtaposition, we agreed. Still there was rancor. We cut our losses and bbq'ed sausages. The light of the evening recalled Portland summers of year's past: H and I sunbathing in his mother's backyard drinking Ernest & Julio Gallo spo-dee-ooo-dee, stealing pints from the $1 beer night at the cheesesteak place and finally being launched by Mitch like a discus across the parking lot where I slid across my face several feet. This summer feeling, aside from the injuries, felt a lot like this one already. We then listened to Blur inexplicably.

We were certainly spoiled by all the great beer we drank. On top of that I had a delicious bowl of salmon chowder earlier in the day. What to say of the time in Seaside, Oregon - five days of salt-kissed debauchery and a 3-day course of U-haulery across four states, except to say that they are over and they were classic events of wicked randomness. Perhaps more to come on that for posterior's