Thursday, June 13, 2013

Old fruit news

Mango usurped pear as my favorite fruit in 2011.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ruminations flying the Delta to Baltimore recently

Flying feels like my brain has been kicked down the street and now we're going to collect it at high speeds.

It's funny I run into the same struggle getting this gin and tonic the right consistency as Henry Miller does attempting to illustrate a horse in his engaging memoir Black Spring.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Spleens-a-go-go by Montgomery Barry

Barry and Timtam earlier this year in the snow
Barry's in the band Caravanette with Stew and Jen, drumming like Mo Tucker. He's gonna miss me when I go, but not as much as I'll miss him! He sends me hilarious emails (perhaps he will continue to do so after I vamoose). His latest one is entitled spleens-a-go-go. Down the track we'll probably learn that we live right down the road from one another in a different town while in the front row of a distinctively different Roky Erickson gig. Damn...

Hey, if you ever become a private detective, you HAVE to change your name to Shanus Verlaine. Shanus crossbreeds your own distinctive moniker with shamus, which people are always using as slang for private eye in Raymond Chandler novels; Verlaine because of the lanky, angular detective he played in "Prove It (It's a Fact)." Plus he wrote all that great French poetry a hundred years before that.

But seriously, the purpose of this (sh)email is to convey my new phone number:


Yrs in perpetuity,
Hammy in the Holy  

Caravanette play Mia's Lounge on June 15.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Excerpt from "an afternoon on Chesapeake Bay"

Hey, when we gonna drink these beers?

I don't know but I am getting awful thirsty.


Allison's got a beer.

I guess we can't have a beer until we get a fish.


Who said that!

Allison already broke that rule.

She drinks gluten-free doesn't count unless we drink hers.


Is it okay to eat guacamole while we wait for the fish to bite?

No you should wait.

Your wife is eating guacamole.

I see.