Wednesday, April 03, 2013

She sunbathes next to the rubbish bins, having many excellent chats with her sister

Went to Bullhead City and took a bunch of pictures that my mom didn't approve of. We were in a trailer park for the most part. My room was leopard themed with Serengeti accents. The bookshop in town sold me a Kurt Vonnegut for two bucks - exorbitant considering the dog ears on the paperback. I did like it for about fifty pages. And the end. The end is good too. Smarter than what I am writing, but I would suggest that being smart can be a deterrent as one's head gets lost up one's hiney. My parents and I thrive - we could be eating mexican food, or shopping for socks. Add one more person to the mix and it throws off our entire dynamic. I simply cannot hang because I don't interest them in many ways and I am not insistent about being appreciated! We're relaxed and good together my parents and me but no one else. Please don't introduce anyone else into the mix!

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Anonymous said...

Love you too honey! You are right, four's a crowd!