Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fictionalizing Tucson

Did a lot in Tucson, but we didn't see Dick Dale (he played Sat night at Hotel Congress shown backwards here). 
Good light is important when you are driving without headlights on on a dark night, everyone knows that, and also for moments as this, which was probably 5-ish.  

Devilishly attractive Goodwill building.

I  forced Roberto to watch sports at a bar in the afternoon. They served Pabst for a buck. A basketball game was being played that was so intense I ordered a tequila shot with ten minutes to go (pictured). We had a real good time otherwise. Wichita State Shockers lost to Louisville and deservedly so, otherwise I would have been accepted me into their fine arts program probably. Shocking!

This canyon was worth seeing Sunday. I forget its name, but Robert said Paul McCartney had a house nearby for some time. We saw the canyon after a breakfast Robert's mother made of delicious baked eggs in a casserole dish with ham and various other chunks of superb flavor of frittata-like yum for she is Spanish by birth. 


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! lulu

boy moritz said...

Really i think they are pretty ordinary. parts of tucson reminded me of portland or austin. Those pics don't really represent. Love ya mommy!