Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book notes

  • Get Cortez at region 6 and the Saga 
  • Maybe Peabody mentions the cat at Region 6 
  • Tic Tacs need to be identified

Friday, April 19, 2013

Latest acquisitions: Waking on a pretty daze

Sold some LPs in town and earned some credit, which I used to acquire the new Kurt Vile. Found the second and third side a drag on first listen, the second more so than the third, but on second listen of the second, the second sounds way better than the first time I heard the third. Side four I was in love with on first listen and side one of course has the title track which is the reason I bought the stupid thing in the first place. nine minutes of what don henley should have been recording when he was making animal whoopie with Stevie Nicks (above). After losing twenty dollars yesterday, all I can think of is finally I'm making some terrific economical decisions and tomorrow I will go out for Mexican food and then begin work on the financial prospectis for the year ending 2007!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fictionalizing Tucson

Did a lot in Tucson, but we didn't see Dick Dale (he played Sat night at Hotel Congress shown backwards here). 
Good light is important when you are driving without headlights on on a dark night, everyone knows that, and also for moments as this, which was probably 5-ish.  

Devilishly attractive Goodwill building.

I  forced Roberto to watch sports at a bar in the afternoon. They served Pabst for a buck. A basketball game was being played that was so intense I ordered a tequila shot with ten minutes to go (pictured). We had a real good time otherwise. Wichita State Shockers lost to Louisville and deservedly so, otherwise I would have been accepted me into their fine arts program probably. Shocking!

This canyon was worth seeing Sunday. I forget its name, but Robert said Paul McCartney had a house nearby for some time. We saw the canyon after a breakfast Robert's mother made of delicious baked eggs in a casserole dish with ham and various other chunks of superb flavor of frittata-like yum for she is Spanish by birth. 

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

She sunbathes next to the rubbish bins, having many excellent chats with her sister

Went to Bullhead City and took a bunch of pictures that my mom didn't approve of. We were in a trailer park for the most part. My room was leopard themed with Serengeti accents. The bookshop in town sold me a Kurt Vonnegut for two bucks - exorbitant considering the dog ears on the paperback. I did like it for about fifty pages. And the end. The end is good too. Smarter than what I am writing, but I would suggest that being smart can be a deterrent as one's head gets lost up one's hiney. My parents and I thrive - we could be eating mexican food, or shopping for socks. Add one more person to the mix and it throws off our entire dynamic. I simply cannot hang because I don't interest them in many ways and I am not insistent about being appreciated! We're relaxed and good together my parents and me but no one else. Please don't introduce anyone else into the mix!