Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three events in my bed on three consecutive nights

  1. Awoken by a leg cramp Saturday night.
  2. There was a bat in me bed! Awoken by the flapping wings of a flapping bat. Then it landed in my bed! Finally I flipped on my lamp and put my knees down and thankfully there was no bat.
  3. Startled awake to discover, after some consternation, that the sorority girl serial killer was just a dream and as far as I could tell I was no longer hiding in the bushes.


Bertha in your attic said...

S. Freud would have a field day and well I just don't want to go to your sub conscious nocturne, i'm still coming to terms with tales of a numb doodle. However I am always very happy to proffer advice for matters medical.
Quinine is terrific to counteract the awfulness of cramps. Tonic water for you. Also some stretches of the limbs before retiring. The ones that are done for plantar fasciitis should be adequate.

Anonymous said...

What were you drinking?? lulu

boy moritz said...

Thanks Dr. Belster!