Saturday, February 09, 2013

Museum Club

Timtam was a bit irked that I didn't word her up on a recent potentially frightening excursion to see a guy whose big hit was 'Up against the wall, redneck mother' at Flagstaff's legendary Museum Club. She thought it would be fairly amusing to see me in this heavy dude culture environment. Kitchens promised to pay for half my ticket because I was letting him park his motorcycle in my driveway overnight. He made me wear my trucker cap, as he was generally concerned for my welfare amongst a bar full of badasses and thought the cap would conceal my wussiness. Well everything was fine and a fear of being mistaken for Ned Beatty in Deliverance only came over me once and that is when Kitchens suggested the possibility.

I flashed my horseshoe leather cuff at Timtam subsequently and said of course I looked tremendously gay, but I assimilated myself well amongst the high desert cowboy angel riffraff. She nodded campily. Below is a not-staged assemblage of Kitchens' trinkets in his office where we were before the show that i thought might be worthwhile from a genealogical perspective (note the gopher paw reaching for the toothbrush).

Meanwhile at the show (which was fairly average, great venue though and we had fun) Kitchens and I argue over the significance of Frank Zappa, for whatever reason. Argument ends as the lyrics he quotes from Zappa are pure juvenilia, but I resign myself to the fact that in the context of a good art rock band, provided the Mothers are good (I am guessing they sort of are), silly lyrics are fine. I don't love all of Beefheart's arrangements, but the goofy lyrics are mostly brilliant. After that, we argued over what is a jamband. I was being a little shirty and I threw out the Talking Heads (we were pretty trashed). Kitchens said no way. But then I said James Brown and he still argued. I have yet to look for any Talking Heads jams, but they went Afrikkan at one point.

Girl that was out with Kitchens and I turned to me at one point and said, "you look like a NASCAR driver!" I was like huh? And she said okay, how about a will ferrell movie about NASCAR.

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