Sunday, February 10, 2013

Furiously bedridden from too much whisky and dancing!

Fran Gibson was right! Johnny Franzen's Freedom is a masterful achievement, page after page I read it for the sheer pleasure of sumptuous storytelling. Not only did I not make the bed, I currently don't lie in it. Ate a party pizza, which I haven't bought since college. Had a craving to enjoy a ridiculously overmatched red wine with it, but alas, this never came to fruition. We're in the middle of a big snow.  Was partying rather aggressively the morning of my sister's 50th birthday. I'm still unemployed, for the most part, but I'm finishing my novella and my life is undergoing a reversal of magnificent personal splendor unheard of in this modern age.

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40's a dangerous age, cynthia said...

More commonly known as a mid-life crisis?