Monday, January 28, 2013

Part Company

Never part company at a party in the middle of the Go-between's Part company. That's what I did last night, but my cab was waiting. Get-together at Stew and Jen's. Annah, Jen's pal from Bryn Mawr and her boyfriend, were over. They had been tootling around Moab and Arches in a rental. I suggested Desert Solitaire and I saw Matt's eyes lit up and ears prick up from under his jazz hat. Sounds like they had a great trip filled with many visual marvels and vistas. Stew made Shepherd's Pie and he must have thought I hadn't been eating because I kept going back time and time again for more. It was beefy and apparently easy to make, but he would have performed some trick to get those mashed potatoes as fluffy as they were.

We had a youtube marathon and watched an endless succession of life-affirming clips of Antipodean bands and the like (cannanes, lighthouse keeper, go-bees, marc hunter, david kilgour, the chills, et al). Oh and also the Monks, those godly ex-serviceman who sing I Hate You and many other banging tunes.

Annah and I had Christmas together two years ago. She left her post in LA and moved back to Philly. I told Annah I would do my MFA at Temple and come live with her and she said sure! She owns a big awesome house within walking distance of the university. It's feasible after I go to Prague, Istanbul or Budapest that I could end up in Philly only a fifteen minute bus ride from NYC. Another dear friend, Deedee, wondrous woman of Hollywood yore, is moving in with Annah next month. Maybe we could all live happily in Annah's Queen Anne-style mansion. 

Such a great Go-betweens' song, thankfully chase's handwriting is hardly the stuff of innate beauty or elegance or else the song might sting more than it does. I'm less brokenhearted than I was.


Queenie said...

You must be thrilled about Lindy's Orstralia Day Honour, and people say eh'm insensitive.

boy moritz said...

Oh, Queenie. I'd never say you were insensitive. I forgive you all the gaslights for one bite of your mango salad, ya treasure.