Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silence reigned amongst shit-scared crickets

It's Dirk's Mom's birthday. Happy birthday. Thank you again for stopping the pill and not telling Dad. Moved to a new house where the train is visible from the porch. No place to hang Chaser's hammock yet though. But I miss the cat and cried when I said goodbye. Maybe Doris will let Onni visit sometime.

Bought a sandstone painting from a sweet, old Native American woman with a tooth gone haywire yesterday. She came by my office, undoubtedly attracted to the soft, sexy sounds of R Stevie Moore piping from a portable speaker. Fiction class was gently uproarious. Chided by a psychology student who claims I exacerbate her cognitive dissonance with my disorganization. I am not as concerned as she is about it. Came home last night to find Chaser making bread and savory biscuits. Half-drunk, I pumped Pink Faeries, dedicated 'I wish I was a girl' to a boyfriend and went to bed. 

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Anonymous said...

Nice house! I'm sorry you miss the cat. It made me sad too. Loved the Birthday card! So original as usual. That's what makes you special!