Monday, October 29, 2012


We hurried to make the 410 showing of Ben Affleck’s new movie.  I don’t think the theatre people will appreciate you drinking beer at their movies, shaneyanne, says Chase. She calls me shaneyanne. I hope you don’t get caught with those beers, shaneyanne. Chaser was hustling to make a smoothie to take with her, I had my beers already packed, when a big mirror shattered in the other room. We left the house upset with how much bad luck that would give us. We got to the movies on our bikes narrowly missing a dead pigeon in our path.

The movie started. So far, so good. I opened my beer took a sip and went to a put it in the cup holder, but the beer was too skinny and it dropped but I somehow miraculously grabbed it before it fell through the cup holder and smashed loudly on the concrete floor.  Close call. I drank it and put the empty down by my feet.

So Ben made this movie that he looks very good in. He wears perhaps too many tweed jackets and sports a sexy beard that would make Carl Bernstein uncomfortable. Chaser asked if we were the same age. I said yes and she said he is much larger than you, this made me want to eat a big steak rare all of a sudden. Indeed he is a very big man. As a director, he allows himself to underact to such a degree it could count as overacting, over-emoting, brooding. There are too many guys in this movie.  It’s like an aggressive rock band of all males. Don’t allow yourself to be an aggressive rock band of all males at any point in your life is the message here. Otherwise it is a very good movie with excellent subject matter and the soundtrack of Van halen.
The hostages break a wine glass in the movie and they almost get as upset as we had earlier. I opened the other beer and kicked the empty over. It made a terrible noise in the movie and rolled forever. Chaser made me go pick it up and I very sadly cried.



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good review and well written too!
stephen cummings