Saturday, September 15, 2012

What kind of idiot puts a casserole in a lunch pail?

Dungen's on the boombox, I played it for the cat who's laying on the wet towel on my bed next to me and not really paying attention. She likes my taste in all things particularly lunchmeat. I'm showered, cologne's on. Two squirts well-applied to exposed features. New cologne it is and also fantastic. I've got my fiction class reading McGuane's The Casserole. Contains a line worth starting a revolution over: "What kind of idiot puts a casserole in a lunch pail?" In addition to new cologne, a new t-shirt from Target. Actually my entire outfit consists of Target (brick red drawers also). They are doing tasteful things in men's wear at the moment. I wouldn't mind if my entire wardrobe came from there. The only problem is the possibility that every lumberjack (NAU's mascot) in town is wearing the same thing. I think I'm pretty safe tonight at Delhi Palace, Cuisine of India in Flagstaff. Hope it's as good as Tandoori Times, Cuisine of India in Fitzroy, Melbourne. When Mistress Bel finds out that I wrote a blog instead of responding to her emails from earlier in the week she is going to crack the shits. Ultimately though she will read what I have to say and find it uplifting like the melancolee film squid and the onion. I owe Dave Graney a review, it will be killer given time because his new record rules and I love his emerald-eyed wife and the two Stu's. My new cologne is Halston by the way, I got a big thing of it at Ross's Dress for Less for $16.99 because no one wants to smell like they drive an '82 Mazda. No one wanted to smell like they drove a new Mazda in '82 either. I don't mind smelling like it though - hey, it's my prerogative. Speaking of which, in class we played a game in class to get to know each other better, two truths and a lie, and I said 1) I hold my high school basketball three point scoring record, 2) I once had Whitney Houston autograph my shoe and 3) I lived in Australia for eleven years. Not only did they answer correctly, they said it was elvis Costello wasn't it? To be honest, I may not hold that record any longer (three pointers). In other news, I started a whisky jar that I fill full of quarters. Incidentally, I only drink Early Times from a jam jar. I bought a half gallon for the same price as the Halston. I am not a fan of posting a blog without a photo so here is one of Elizabeth. I look at it everyday. The hairdo, combined with the "million things I got to do" expression, play off each other brilliantly.