Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phoenix, AZ

Great taste of Phoenix on the weekend, which was wholly unexpected. Doris and I stayed at a slum hotel where the towels smelt like they dry between guests and little else. It was near the arena, within walking distance.

The summer weather in Phoenix during winter was flabbergasting. People walking around with their shirts off. Hard to complain about that.

Went for a three hour hike in which I never worked up an appetite because I had eaten a protein brownie that I had bought at a Circle K for $2.39. Lack of hunger frightened me a bit. However once we stepped in Trader Joe's afterwards I was ravenous, ended up buying some applesauce among other things to take back to Flagstaff as there are no Trader Joe's here. Downtown Phoenix is worth checking out.

We were stationed in the art district. Fortuitously came across the club where I'll see Malkmus next month. Pretty jazzed about that. Will see if Roberto and J want to rent a room in a hotel on Van Buren Blvd and I will show them how.

A lot of our excursion reminded me of the finer points of LA. The hike had a slight Mulholland Drive tinge to it (minus the amnesiatic lesbian), while the neighborhoods around downtown were lined with palm tress and beautiful bungalows.

Before the Suns game, we grabbed a bite at Cooperstown, the insanely popular sports bar that Alice assembled. Lots of good memorabilia including a life-size dummy of him. I couldn't resist a beef brisket sandwich. Margaritas were damn good too. Actually they were called the best damn margarita and they ain't lying. The arena was next door. The Suns won. Impressive because they are not very good. Had a beer at an Irish Bar afterwards and called it a night to remember.


Anonymous said...

Nice weekend huh? Enjoyed the posting and pictures! Lu

boy moritz said...

thank you kind and gentle reader