Monday, January 09, 2012

Parts of Alex Chilton's sock

Texted H yesterday saying thank goodness Hissing Fauna, Are you my Destroyer? is such a stunning album because the packaging is impenetrable. For whatever reason, I compared it to a bowel movement made by an author who did his best work in the 80s.

I'm just glad that I am not the first person to google 'parts of a sock.' True story. Didn't know the top part of a sock was called a cuff,  so I blimming googled it.

 Barry came by last night and we christened the Smile Sesh on the chunky acetate I received for Christmas. It was smashing, a word I apparently say all the time — I have no knowledge of this ever occurring, but I really love those weird and wonderful instrumental passages the Beach Boys put into action, they are smashing. Here's Barry and I from another time. We both like Alex Chilton a lot and always end up talking about him because what else you going to talk about? Let me rephrase that: why else talk about anything else?

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