Saturday, December 17, 2011

The kids are alrite

Can't get over how fully-formed Stewart Anderson was musically at the onset of puberty. Been loving The Wetherbeat Scene 1988-1991, a compilation of David Gedge swoons capturing a joie de vivrie missing from 99% of history's pop/rock hits. These kids just get it. Alternating between this and the new Twerps is kind of like rediscovering a favorite shirt. Everyone should get themselves two copies one for them and one for their nieces, even though I'm not. I just sent my neices two Of Montreal CDs (one of which is my favorite album of the last ten years). By next year, they'll be ready for the wetherby players no doubt.


David said...

That is a great compilation, I too was surprised by youthful Stewart's abilities. I was also scared when in Leeds and the GPS kept dragging me to Wetherby, where I wasn't headed at all. What did that mean?

boy moritz said...

I think it means he's got both our numbers.

Hưng Vũ Tiến said...

nice chanel!