Friday, October 28, 2011

Tonight's the night and too much hair besides

Finally got a picture of my favorite motel that never quite works out for guests (the Saga is on Route 66 between campus and Goodwill Industries). Anyway went to randomly pluck a sentence from what I'm currently working on and then I realized it was too good to share so I thought I'd talk about my hair. It's gotten big. Mia, my Scorp sista in town, says she likes it, but she also says it's way huge Shane, and I tells her that I just got it cut a few weeks ago to which her droll hubby asides, did you have it all shaved off, insinuating that my hair grows back inhumanly fast. We had sui generis Mexican food with the boyracer pack: pork chimichangas with silantro cream sauce. Was telling my lunch companions today (not the same as my dinner comp about it and then they chuckled and I was like what, this is serious mexican biz and then they snickered and said, no, the way you pronounced cilantro (lon instead of lan). Whatever, I stormed off hoping to kill some time at the motion pictures, but the mid-life crisis movie with Steve Martin and those other guys wasn't playing at the time that I showed up to see it. I'm done writing, I'm considering reading. I am not drinking anything just yet. Tonight's the night that Mia's Lounge is graced by Mia Schoen herself. All of this is a long way to say that I probably won't ask my hairdresser back again. I miss Cat and Craig and the follicles crew. Tonight I get to see Boyracer too and David on drums and Jen on vocals and Ara is a kick in the pants hisself. Plus I don't have class tomorrow. I'm going to enjoy this. Let's make it precious already!

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Anonymous said...

Lots going on! Wish I was there. Maybe a trim before the big night? Lu