Monday, October 31, 2011

The Other Side of the Wind aka Exceptional Night Here It Comes

Went to Sedona and ate an entire carne asada at my favorite eatery in order to impress my idols. I have had the most amazing time with them. One night earlier I had had about as much fun as one could possibly have at Mia's Lounge with Mia and others. Had my gourd extracted and thrusted to me on a plate of what I would consider songs to learn and live for. I truly could have died. Doris went to Phoenix and got me 1.75 liters of the best scotch you can buy for 22 dollars. I truly could have died. We looked for Orson Welles' mansion, this was back in Sedona. I don't know if we saw it considering we didn't know what we were looking for. David and Mia asked what celebrities live in Sedona and I said Orson filmed his last film here; the film that remains unreleased, but the mansion still exists. I googled OW and Sedona and Sycamore Road came up. It's available for $250k. The film stars Peter Bogdonavich who makes an appearance in a short story set in Flagstaff I am working on and it would be silly not to include Orson and the mansion in there as well. I am getting on the phone to his daughter after I post this. Boyracer opened with The Clean's Getting Older. They sort of stunned me and everyone else thoroughly from that point forward. We danced like we had pickled jalapenos in our dungarees. I liked what Ara did and Mia, having her sing in Mia's Lounge was out-of-this-world to me; to see David and her in in town was McCarthy-ish considering the Clarkenator was here and that blew my mind. OMG I swooned. Jen and Stew, how do they do what they do, but they do and they did and Bobby's band was the best bandage they ever done did too. Besides going out, I have been a horror movie whore: John Carpenter's Halloween is an annual event, it's as gnarly as it ever was; Return of the Living Dead, Re-Animator (double feature thanks to Corwin's NAU movie nights), a bunch of Val Lewton like Cat People and stuff starring Boris Karloff. I'd like Body Snatcher more if Karloff wasn't so damn unscrupulous. I said the same thing tonight with Doris Karloff my housemate, while watching Hostel, which is pretty damn good, and she said, “it's only a horror movie, stop being a pussy!” I also witnessed several Masters of Horror efforts, some of which are grisly


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I've got to have the carne asada! You've got it all! What a week-end!!! Lu

boy moritz said...

Lulu, you must come to Sedona!

Anonymous said...

I'm on the next burro!