Wednesday, August 03, 2011

quite good

Follicle of decadence

Craig and Zach were out back, Cat was cutting hair at the shop in St Kilda. Chilly night so Craig lit the stove he recently installed. I presented an offering of something that would shrivel into irrelevancy once Craig opened a mind-blowing bottle of this Barossa Valley shiraz he was imbibing of late. We ate various cheeses.

Zach, responsible for my lesbian look circa 2008-2010, asked if I wanted a cut. Craig said Cat would cut it, said she's been looking forward to cutting it. I thanked Zach for the offer and walked with Craig down to the restaurant on the corner to pick up a lamb shoulder compliments of the chef. Cat was there when we got back. We put the shoulder on, Cat cut my hair, we drank Shiraz and I love what she did with it. The night proceeded to get more fun until it eventually became the greatest haircut night I have ever had.

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P.Bog said...

Shampoo was nothing like this!