Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quality rotisserie and where I get my jeans from when I’m in Melbourne

If you had recently bothered to ask me anything, I likely would have told you about the chicken and lamb rotisserie at Hellenic Republic and how it is easily the best and most succulent I’ve ever tasted. On my way to see his excellence last night, I took this action shot of rotisserie headquarters, whilst a tram-a-tram- trammed by.

In other news, I bought another fine-fitting pair of jeans here.

I’m drinking a heck of a lot of coffee and trying to gain control of this here pen. This garfy lil word spew is easily my most impressive work since seemingly in forever. After the bash I went to with Paul, I came back to Brunswick and took this photo of the gnarly alleyway behind Toby and Suze's creme brick abode.


Anonymous said...

You're getting to be quite the photojournalist! Lulu

boy moritz said...

Hi Mom!