Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quality rotisserie and where I get my jeans from when I’m in Melbourne

If you had recently bothered to ask me anything, I likely would have told you about the chicken and lamb rotisserie at Hellenic Republic and how it is easily the best and most succulent I’ve ever tasted. On my way to see his excellence last night, I took this action shot of rotisserie headquarters, whilst a tram-a-tram- trammed by.

In other news, I bought another fine-fitting pair of jeans here.

I’m drinking a heck of a lot of coffee and trying to gain control of this here pen. This garfy lil word spew is easily my most impressive work since seemingly in forever. After the bash I went to with Paul, I came back to Brunswick and took this photo of the gnarly alleyway behind Toby and Suze's creme brick abode.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The House of Ms B and Mr T

In the house of Beckett and Tristan on my first full day in Melbourne. Indoors almost the entire time, I made a quick burst to the shops in the AM for amenities (and yes I include baked beans to be among the essentials ). While it rained, I sat at a desk to the right of this record rack listening to Tristan's excellent record collection. The best setter of the morning mood was Jim O Rourke's Eureka. Then there was an earthquake I didn't feel. Carla and Jesse brought over baclava that was very sweet and redolent of their sweetness. I exquisitely grated parmesan over the exquisite kangaroo bolognese that Beckett made in my Norwegian sweater that has a hole in the armpit.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Going Places

Miffed I lost a bunch of shots. A good one I took at 4am from Flagstaff Amtrack on the morning of my departure, an electric seagull eclipsing the moon, deleted in my carelessnessness...

Anyways, caught a shuttle to Phoenix Sky Harbor with three other guys. Sat behind a nervous laugher who gave me a front-row seat to the coarse black hair inside both of his ears, sprouting outwardly in tight wads. He rustled snacks and thumbed a copy of a Bible he kept in a zip loc. Never did see what he ate, wasn't that (the bible). Another guy muttered "deer" every now and again. I turned and looked every time, but not once did I locate what I eventually decided was him hallucinating. And the third guy just seemed tired to be there.

In Toluca Lake, I ate a bowl of chili at Bob Hope's old haunt, but that photo is lost too. Once I got to Sydney I stabbed a fishcake with Bel at the Three Mangoes and made the waiter document it for posterity. But that photo is now gone forever also. Fran and Steve joined us for duck curry but the record of those photos will never be recovered, nor will the one of the Belster juggling money bags full of minced cabbage and skolling wine.

Me and Dr. Paxton's husband Dick registered Lawrentians in a room where a book worth $420,000 was kept. Lots of photos of me and Dr. Paxton's husband. Here's another, this from Friday's Gala dinner at the Menzies: