Monday, May 23, 2011

Pig Ankle Strut

The motto here at TM of The H is It's All True and this post is dedicated to the nautical navigation of Orson Welles. I suppose I should continue where this entry first started and that was at a Del Taco on Friday the 20th of May sometime after one in the afternoon. I had ordered two crunchy fish tacos and the cashier told me to cut the coupon out seeing as I had brought the entire page of coupons with me. I asked her for a pair of scissors she begrudgingly got the implement from a room beyond my vision. I then sat down at my regular table. The restaurant was busier than it had been previously yet I took little notice of the patrons. By the time I realized I did not have a pen, my food was ready. I asked for a pen as I collected my food and this is where the story ceases to be interesting. What matters though is that it is all true and my name is Orson Welles. I ate my disappointing tacos and never really got inspired to write anything down because I worried that the surly cashier was going to ask for her pen back any minute.

I reconfigured my room when I was down with a cold this week and as I shifted my bed the leg snapped. I washed my American quilt to help ease the pain of sleeping on a broken bed. Corwin and I went to Walnut Canyon yesterday and walked around Navajo dwellings built into the rock face. Lots of steep maneuvering. My quadriceps were all a-quiver. Then we drove to Mormon Lake to look at a potential site of summer employment for my fellow colleague (groundskeeper). He envisaged the place as a Crystal Lake or Meatballs camp community and I concurred. I convinced him to have a beer in the bar and it was redneck genius. One guy ordered a double jager and then a water as an after thought and when he finished his jager he spilled the water all over the bar next to me. What this says to me is the guy couldn't handle his water. It was only four o' clock. Two guys came stumbling in asking how the heck do you get out of this place when the door and windows showing daylight were right in front of them. Song of the day is Red Krayola's Pig Ankle Strut and once again I am Orson Welles.


Annabel said...

Thought that photo was of colin firth after indulging in a heavy spell of boozin and coping with a hangover appetote. Pizza pizza pizza

Annabel said...

Oh i meant appetite