Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love to love Love

I'm at Del Taco blogging into my notebook. Later I will have an underpaid monkey upload the content into a computer terminal. The reason I am here is not because I was hungry, an earlier cinnamon-flavored Toast-em Pop-up took care of that, no, there was a buy one-get one free coupon in the mail and damn it all to heck if I ain't gonna use it. Now I have finished my burritos there's a hailstorm sweeping the hillside. Surely it's been a month of no precipitation and today's got me trapped in an empty Del Taco. A cool part about getting stuck in here is the gravitas it gives to the US Psychedelic mix I'm listening to. Constructed by my man in Wales, the inestimable Steve Hanson aka Steveski, The Ess, Steve Aitch, there's a sweet sequence involving the 60s LA band Love that makes you think Love is all you ever want or need.

Clarkenator was here a couple weeks back. I'll write more about the great time we had once the accompanying visuals have been processed. In other news, getting giddily beered up the other night allowed me to procure a gay cowboy leather bracelet with a horseshoe pendant from a tea shop in town.

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