Monday, April 04, 2011

Something I wrote at the bar before my friends showed up

I'm here killing time at Beaver St Brews and Cues, having my first gin and tonic of the year and waiting for the Final Four basketball to start. One of my favorite Pavement albums is Brighten the Corners an irresistible rock album that heralds Spring rather well I'd say and I can see from inside this bar that there's sun going on outside it. Cool. Not only that but I rode my bike here and the weather was ginny. I've opted to listen to my ipod while I wait for my friends to show up. I don't want to say anything else. I had fish for lunch. There I said it. I covered it in chili garlic sauce and baked it in tinfoil for twenty minutes. Then I melted cheese over it and whacked it in a tortilla. Goodbye.


ABleach said...

Is the fish tortilla an improvement on the meatball sanger of yore?
Word verification is micakon

boy moritz said...

I wonder if Micakon is any relation to Mandu. No it's not a scratch on the meatball sanger - wow that was some dish. I can still taste the commingling of moroccan herbs and spices. Must earmark it for the memoirs before I forget.