Sunday, March 13, 2011

Almost, but not quite

Today would have been perfect had I not lost another headphone pad at the pub. I know I shouldn't have taken them there last night, but I would have lost them some other way, some other time anyway. I go through more of these rubber headphone covers. It actually degrades my quality of life in a sick way when this happens.

It's Spring Break and the weather has gotten really nice for it. It's supposed to be 75 on Tuesday, which is a good excuse for everyone to go outside and get drunk. I wore my straw hat to the supermarket, listening to Hawkwind on my underperforming headphones.

Only a few pages into D.H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers, but I'm sincerely gagging for more. I will report if these feelings of mine change any time soon. On deck is Mark Twain's Life on the Mississippi, Mcguane's pick for the one book he'd wished he'd written.

Apparently there are black widow spiders living in older homes. The reason I say this is because I haven't seen a spider here, nor any insects whatsoever. Possible reasons for this is one, the house is new-ish; two, a lot of bugs probably can't be bothered getting up to this elevation; and three is that they are just avoiding me, in which case that just makes me feel unwanted. In other news, I heard a woodpecker pecking a tree in our backyard this morning.

I did well at the supermarket spending less than ten dollars on milk and bread and fruit, yogurt and I forget what else. I did a lot better a few days earlier, claiming a bottle of Chivas Regal 18 from a discount shopping trolley. Of course I hadn't planned on buying booze and thus didn't have my passport. The store manager Tim with the silver goatee didn't accept my Australian driver's license but said he would keep the bottle on his desk for when I returned with proof that I was as old as he suspected.

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