Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mix I made for the greats

(layout by the acclaimed luke fraser)

Been meaning to blog for awhile and determined to do it well. Carla, Jesse, two greats who inspire reasons to live — not that I needed one, but if I did, I would now have one and it's them — are getting married this weekend and I want to see them so bad! I hope the course of events in my life that follows allows this to happen sooner rather than later. If I counted up all the heart-stopping moments I've had with them (The Mother and the Whore, Malkmus, to name but two) then the beat of my heart would never stop, which is essentially the eternal idea.
Have you seen the Angela Carter-esque Black Swan? Well you should, why, because it's good. Barbara Hershey does a great Piper Laurie in Carrie and Natalie Portman does a great Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion. I liked True Grit too, heckuva film and I aspire towards Matt Damon's look.
I'm manning the front desk of Beaver Street Elementary School in case you walk in and see me there in my cranberry hoodie looking bewildered. It's the temporary home of the Liberal Arts Building, while they remove asbestos and install sprinkler heads in the actual building. I was asked to test the water pressure of the drinking fountains the other day and came back with an unnecessarily-descriptive full report.

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