Monday, December 06, 2010

Dream bill

I drank a heady double scotch that left me heady heady heady, which made me think of three bands I'd like to see on a bill sometime, one of which actually exists: Scotch and the double headzonks followed by suave spew, Tut Tut Kyngs headliner. Speaking of bands that are unreal, I was so convinced of this one I checked to see if I was spelling it right: Yahtzee Germany. I think Yazi Germany is better though. This next week is going to be insane.

I'm listening to Nuggets and no it's not becuz of the TUT TUT KYNGS, well maybe it is today, but only because Toby Tut sent me these most amazing photos from their debut performance (that's Toby Tut there with the cobra helmet). Hey how about a set list, T TUT?! Or answer me this, did you cover Chocy Watchband. Check it:

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