Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ron Mueck

Attended his exhibition at the NGV featuring a series of disconcertingly large or small life-like humans made of silicon and horsehair and one rubber chicken in mostly near-death poses (the giant chicken hanging upside-down had had its throat cut). The ones who were not dead or close to dying were either just born, naked, disgusted, sleeping, paranoid or both! Few — like the dude chilled out on a lilo at the pool Jack Nicholson-style or the kid peering down to examine how severely he’d been knifed — did none of those things, while one humongous lady lied in bed looking fluey. Ah, the rich tapestry of life.

Eeriest part was how much more authentic the models were than the assholes taking pictures of the naked and the dead on their mobile phones. Who are these assholes going to show these creepy photos to? Other assholes, I guess.

Also got a guided tour from Beckett on the AUST/NZ fashion collection at the Ian Potter that she had a part in curating, as well as Ricky Swallow’s handiwork, two more shows I can recommend.

Saw Rentboy the other night and put a review of it up on this


A.Bleach said...

Fluey reminds me of young Todd.

On Friday I was walking through the perfumerie of Myer and "shake it up" was blaring; Ocasek not Rundgren version.

boy moritz said...

Todd's Slut Alex sings on Big Star live.

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