Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oregon Dreaming

Photos by De Campo from Portland that was a long time ago now

This is merely one of the signs on the Burnside Bridge

This gang expedites trays of vodka jello shots until your esophagus turns blue

I thought the way the light hit this door was cool but I guess it could be anywhere

Mexican beer sign and boarded-up rat’s nest taken from a moving car

H, all stocked up to sit on the deck next to the cooler in Seaside

This is my Mom played by Penelope Cruz she’s awfully suspicious (taken from a moving car also) here with Woody Allen

Tiki/karaoke lounge /generous grub after midnight (free too!)

alibi grub
My old school, ripped and torn asunder

Winco foods and their dedicated rows of generic miracle whip


bren luke said...

love the photos dudes.
were you upset or glad to see your school ripped-up?

boy moritz said...

Pretty upset. It was my Jr High (grade 7-9). But my mom and sister went to high school there. LIke my mother and sister before me, my first kiss took place in the gymnasium. The recipient was a 5'10dancer who specialised in pyramid structural support. Later she worked reception at a local fitness center.

Beyond classic, that place. And now it's apparently beyond repair. To JB Thomas (*thrusts his wine glass int he air!*).