Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I plan on teaching myself how to walk like Jerzy Skolimowski next week. Soon I will be a tough nut with a shell that is hard to crack. A brick shithouse incredibly sturdy. Couple of Jerzy early films feature him walking the decrapitated Warsaw laneways, reciting poetry and charming utter babes if and when he feels like it. Right on, brother.

Moonlighting, 1981 (Slolimowski)
A team of Polish builders, led by the iron-fisted Jeremy Irons, go to London to renovate their boss's scummy terrace. It's cold out, Jeremy is colder and no one has any money. Their cultural challenges are rendered brutally. Jeremy fashions a contemporary moustache and figures out a way to steal from his grocer, but then he gets caught. He goes to church to confess his evil, turkey-thieving sins!

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as my wimsy takes me said...

Jeremy I looks like Rupert the bear as adult. I do admire Jeremy as ac-tor. My current favourite piece is his spaztant attack in French Lieutenant's woman. Actor Masterclass should have filmed an ep with him. Still the one with Michael Caine is very good. So mustn't grumble.