Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Role Models movie

Paul Rudd wrote and starred in this obnoxious vehicle that’s a real worthless piece of crap. Jane Lynch steals every scene from these douches.


Worthuttering said...

Paul Rudd is a good friend of Jon Hamm but i only really know PR as the guy who played the boyfriend of Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan.

Jejeune Lockhart said...

Jane Lynch is great as the shrink in two and a half men, I mean I hear she's great on that terribly bland and puerile tv show. She is kind of Sally Kellerman.

boy moritz said...

Lynch reprises a role here she mastered in A Mighty Wind. The Jerri Blank-esque former hedonist going straight with equal abandon.

Rudd and Lynch are superb in 40 year-old virgin as the screwed-over and still gullible cute guy and his sexually dynamic boss who keeps playing a Michael McDonald live DVD at the electronics store where they work.