Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get your flippers out

Two and a quarter hours of riveting Flipper action last night at the Arty. A lot of cool people were there hanging out and having fun. Sadie was a wild child in her element up the front. Singer Bruce kept a watchful eye on her as best he could. She mussed his hair, stole his water and spat on him. Bruce couldn't have looked more proud if she was his own kin.

Before the show their new bassist, a Tasmanian Black Walnut-haired minx named Rachel from San Francisco, offered me her scarf as it’s frightfully cold in Melbourne and I seemed underdressed to her. I declined her offer, said I’d probably besmirch it. She said it would take a lot to besmirch it… Still, I said no.

Anyway Flipper were great!


spades of said...

Subsequently sadie has ceased the ingestion of alcohol for an unspecified period of time (actually, a month... for now).

spades of said...

Still, you make my behaviour sound a lot more endearing than it actually probably was (if only I could recall, goddamn it).

A. Bleach said...

There is only one flipper for me and i do not mean that dolphin.

AB said...

Actually this is better.