Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shallow flicks, man.

Couple a flicks by Louis Malle, one, ‘Les Amants’, would be wise to give the flick to, poor Jeanne Moreau, the film is such a disgrace and insult to her sexuality (apparently it made her hugely popular – go figure). Requires a suspension of disbelief so hallucinatory I’m certain it’s a recommendation from the director that we all go take a flying leap.

Jesse loved it, he saw Jeanne’s boobies after all, sez I’ve changed now that I’m engaged, suspects I’d call Dorothy a trollop if I saw Wizard of Oz. My beef was with the total lack of psychological detail to validate the character’s ludicrous actions. Some awakening. I think Tristan was in my corner on this one, but he wasn’t saying much, he was too busy enjoying the ribbing I was getting from Monsieur Jackson Sheperd.

By movie’s end, I wanted to shake Mr. Malle and say what planet are you on? To its credit, the movie was strongly paced and I didn’t look at my watch once.

Next came a good one (Le Feu Follett) about an alcoholic with a good melancholy score by Erik Satie. Get this: the guy finishes The Great Gatsby and then he offs himself! The whole time I thought the actor (well-played) was Alain Delon, mirroring his own descent into alcoholism, but no, just some other hunk who had gone to seed named Alain.

Both films were preceded by the seed that germinated Wes Anderson’s fun Life Aquatic picture: a deliciously entertaining Jacques Cousteau short from the 50s when Malle was his DP.


Bwca Brownie said...

Hi - I followed you home from Lorraine Cres.
Well you got the last laugh on Malle, as he is dead.
Moreau and Bardot were a teasefest in a Technicolour western which title escapes me right now.

Here's a cinematic blog I love and you may too.
The team members other blogs are worthwhile as well, in particular Illusion Travels By Streetcar

boy moritz said...

thanks brownie. I raise you a that one's a good education I've discovered.

Bwca Brownie said...

I'm back from a lost weekend at Dave Kehrs. Heavy duty analysis wringing all the enjoyment out of the films.

The Malle/Moreau film I couldnt recall was Viva Maria.
The 2 of them were just gorgeous in it (I haven't seen it since 1966).
My most intense movie-going era was 1965-1972, so when I read Easy Riders Raging Bulls, I at least knew what it was talking about.

boy moritz said...

Oh man, I am sorry to put you through that! The discussions really do get overheated don't they. Putting it mildly.

That book is great.

Bwca Brownie said...

the book is great cos the movies were.
anything with David Warner in it, and Peter oToole, Sergio Leone, Peckinpah.
I'm watching David & Margaret and thrilled to see Alan Arkin is in Sunshine Cleaning.

not a 'man' unless we iz talkin muso talk, then I am F.G.Marshall Stacks

peace and love