Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rant from H sponsored by Miss Lonelyhearts

Speaking of savagery with the pen, I am finally reading the copy of "Lucky Jim" that you got me. I plan to continue to make up my own book clubs. This will be paired with Martin Amis's "The Information". The other pairings include the Jim Harrison collection I got from you tied with McGuane's "Nobody's Angel". This sub-sect of the club will be entitled "Writer's that Moritz loves who are deeply indebted to Hemingway, who by the way, Moritz can't stand". The next suite will consist of German writers (I always read Russian or Latin writers) that wll involve Kafka's "The Trial" and Thomas Mann's "Death In Venice and other collected stories". This will alternately be known as "Fassbinders Mix-tape". The final book club will consist solely of Melville's "Pierre, Or the Ambiguities". I am going to the coast this weekend, and always carry a Melville novel that I have absolutely no intention of reading.

- H

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