Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Man, I’m struggling a bit with Oscar, not being Dominican and shit. My inability to be held captive by its mercurial energy gave me horrible night sweats last night until I realised it was only the full moon, but still.


boy moritz said...

It’s pretty good. Reads better when you’re not in a bad mood, I find. The narrator really swings his dick though, exasperating the prose of any elegance or subtlety. It’s hard to appreciate a book written through the eyes of a narrator that you would walk to the other end of a bar to try and avoid.

I’m told Richard Meltzer is like this in person but I love all his writing and can see myself basking in its company for long hours. Using this line of thinking, Junot and I would get on a treat.

Mistress Bel said...

Oh settle, Sybil.