Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fetching combo

“Your lawyer is wearing sneakers,” said the last of the prisoners.

It was De Grazia. He was dressed in a corduroy jacket of moss green, pants of compatible lemon, a red shirt and a white collar. De Grazia’s eye for color had even worked an art for he wearing spotless white sneakers. In some triumph of the sartorial, they were suitable.

— Norman Mailer, The Armies of the Night

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Darjeeling Limited

It’s a good movie that I think is just great. It’s very charming and the boy’s faces are nice to look at. They feel sad, their Dad died, they haven’t talked for several long times, they see each other in India and it is colourful. Oldest boy Francis bumped his head in a motorbike accident, has his head all bandaged up. Actors 2 and 3 very good also: one a short story writer in greasy moustache and the tall one who wears his Dad’s vintage shades and learns that shaving while train is in motion is probably not a good idea, but he didn’t make any mistakes so who’s to know what these actors are thinking all the time?!! Francis’ brothers don’t like Francis telling them what to do. It’s funny when Francis orders cookies for tall brother and tall brother says I don’t like it when you order for me and after looking at the menu ends up ordering cookies anyways. They drink too much cough syrup, misplace a cobra, pray and lose their shoes


Friday, January 18, 2008

Lilliputian Queens

I love my Liliput 2CD so much. My fav song of theirs (it changes almost daily) is Ring-A-Ding-Dong. I heard it on my lunchbreak and punched the air, kicked up my feet and nearly pulled a muscle. There’s a swarm of sound going on in this tune but the parts never seem to interfere with each other. The sweetest moment is that funky little descending piano bit. I was hoping to link to one of their shows from Zurich, but the only clip I found on youtube was this odd one of a girl sitting at her computer picking her nose to the beat of one of their songs.

Fun fact: They were once called Kleenex until the toilet paper company said no— incidentally, Kleenex is the brand of toilet paper the Cannanes use and it’s one that has inspired many of their minions to use also, after one of the many pilgrimages up to the Wipplegong estate. Decampo uses it, practically relishing the ribbed texture, but doesn’t approve of what Kleenex does to the environment — a sad, final note to an otherwise lovely story.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Occasionally something brilliant will pop into my head – this was not one of those occasions

In a cab coming back from Brighton today, quite taken with the leafy, sun-dappled serenity of the surroundings, I quickly fetched a pen and pad from my backpack and wrote down the following: “your face belongs beside one of the more heinous masterworks of men…”

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Had a New York Boyfriend

Not me, but Julie Delphy, or at least she should have after her appalling display last night in Two Days in Paris. Adam Goldberg should have dumped her derriere in the Siene (I actually thought he might do this, why he didn’t we’ll never know, but I guess she is French, bohemian and the film's scriptwriter)

There was a lot of resistance going into this movie in the sense that I flatly had no desire to see it. But my girlfriend, plying me with local beer and shoestring French fries at Collins Quarter, persevered convincingly. Must say I’m a fan of Adam Goldberg, Delphy I find interesting, but still I’ve seen the lovely Linklater movies, so why would I bother with this?

I psyched myself up by using this movie as Julie and Adam’s chance to light up the screen and win me over as people, if they didn’t then they would not only come to be known as overrated actors but failures as human beings. So either way I would come away enlightened. Glad to report they succeeded. Still I’m not exactly sure what it is I like about Goldberg, okay I have a slight crush on him. But all those tattoos! They really run foul of his character.

Julie, I know would make a terrible Parisian girlfriend, she should have come from St Louie. However, she’s a seeker of truth in art and I admire that. The first part of the movie she wears Woody Allen’s glasses so there’s that too.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Feelings about fruit

I fucking love a good pear.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Year of The Hunter


1. Deerhunter, Cryptograms
G-spot marksmen; tingly
2. Okkervil River, The Stage Names
It’s not a Greatest Hits compilation but it sure as hell sounds like one
3. Ween, La Cucaracha
My favourite since Chocolate and Cheese
4. Kes, Grey Goose Wing
Mad brilliance
5. Handhell, Phonography
Once bitten former Bites bite back at America, bar blues, f-f-fashion, et al
6. Bad Luck Charms, Rant & Drift
Again this Tassie band’s swan song sounds rather extraordinarily like a
Greatest Hits collection
7. Tranquilizers, Galaxy vs. Motion
Music to drive your rented convertible up the Pacific Coast Highway
to (which we did) and off the cliff (which luckily we didn’t)
8. Batrider, Pink Stars, Yellow Guitars
Great songs full of passion
8. Sir, The Brando Room
Real-life break-up led to this cool synthesis of Badlands, Bloodsport and
The Last Tango in Paris
9. New Estate, Is it real?
Perhaps not their best, but still totally essential
10. Actor/Model, My agent says
The slashies rule, okay?
11. Deerhoof, Friend Opportunity
Ravishing as venison; also creates nice bookend


1. Deerhunter, Portland, Oregon, USA
Thought my back would disintegrate from monkeying around jig-wise
2. Aleks and the Ramps at E. Brunswick
Puts the arty back in party
3. Lighthouse Keepers at Wipplegong
Hell of a fine act at a party for a hell of a fine woman
4. David Kilgour and Panel of Judges at Cloud City
DK played Point that thing somewhere else. ‘Nuff said.
5. Jane Badler and Sir at Forum
Smooth music in classy venue, got given free wine
6. Applecore Festival
Just your average otherworldly Melbourne backyard rock and roll barbeque
7. Built to Spill at The Corner
Guitar pig mania especially the cover of Eno’s Third Uncle and an outtasite Carry that Zero that took me out of my mind
8. Vashti Bunyan & Guy Blackman at Prince of Wales
A tender bender of lovely music
9. Outward Obtooce, Coinflow $ debut at Evelyn
I've got a pumpkinhead full of books
10. Bob Scott, Batrider, Handhell at RobRoy
Probably the best Tuesday night of the year
11. Deerhoof at The Corner
Bill Harrison aka James Earthenware aka Cam Salad aka Steve Layout aka Red Engineer's favourite band. 'Nuff said.