Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vale the Literary Pugilist

H has proposed a Mailer bio-pic ala I’m Not There, in which six actors/actresses play Norman Mailer (though he says you can't use Mickey Rourke or Whoopi Goldberg - too obvious, I guess).

The lovely Susan Dey as a cockfight referee in a small San Diego fishing village, early 1900s.

Jimmy Smits as the dubious accountant Ozzy Osborne mutters to. Jimmy massages Ozzy's wife while Ozzy naps in his chair.

Harmony Korine as himself, filming himself getting beat-up outside convenience stores all in the name of cinema verite, but after multiple trips to the hospital, he quits when he realises he only has 24 seconds of footage.

Kelly Osborne as Tracy St. Claire a bored goth interning at the New Republic

Unorthodox 80s lightweight Livingston Bramble, as Jackie Jones, a sex-crazed TV repairman down-on-his-luck

Patrick Swayze is Tina Livingston a reformed serial killer transvestite/radical novelist who uses semi colons instead of questions mark and hyphens instead of the letter g.

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