Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Muriel Lake Incident @ Cinema Paradiso, ACCA, Melbourne

The security chap was kind enough to hustle over and urge De Campo and I to check this thing out, as it had just begun.

We donned headphones and peered into the black of this miniature movie theatre where a film in black and white is being shown on the little big screen. You can hear it through headphones and even though the miniature cinema is empty you can hear patrons squirming in their vinyl seats and whispering loudly (“I thought this was supposed to be Orson Welles”).

Empty cinemas are ghostly.

Muriel Lake Incident is a disconcerting experiment in watching a movie while listening to people talk during a movie.

What’d you think? asked the chap as we walked out legless, our mouths agape and our viscus slugged. “That was frightening,” was all I could say and it was so much more than that.