Friday, November 16, 2007

Dinosaur Jr, Eddy Current Suppression Ring Live!

One of those reviews that don'r run for whatever (perhaps obvious) reason(s)

Forum, Melbourne - The ironic girl air guitaring in front of me gets the Mentos thumbs-up from her boyfriend and three of his mates, it’s unpleasant but satisfying that I burp into her hair singing ‘Rabbits’. Dino Jr. on a full stomach is like taking a bullet in the gut. Must remind myself not to eat African food before big-time rock shows. J Mascis wears a Wipers t-shirt (ode to the Godfather of high-octane grunge) though he probably doesn’t deserve it. Ennui has never sounded so monolithic and unwaveringly trashy. I suspect the mix licks but my mate Steve says its legit, J just can’t control his volume control, burying the vocals, the bassist (a beastly Lou Barlow) and his beatmaster, sending ‘Beyond’s’ voluptuous bomb ditties into the vacuum of the Forum’s vaulted ceiling. The dino dudes doze after a speedy set by ECSR that sees Brendan Suppression climb the speaker stacks and sass his raps on the lower level roof while Eddy and the boyz spark a nu-rave Life without Buildings and slay like the second coming of ? and The Mysterians.

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