Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Cabinet of Red Crayola

Movie capsule: Dr. Caligari
”Sleepwalking Cesare, under Dr. C’s command, wakes up after 23 years to embark on a murderous rampage inside the wobbly landscape of the mentally deranged.”

Pretty straight forward capsule. I would have preferred it to be sillier or more outrageous, incorporate some wit perhaps. At least I didn’t give the entire movie away like I did last week (I Walked with a Zombie).

I was keen to see The Ancients at the Tote after the film, seemed like a cool doubleheader, until I found out it was just the Ancient and decided not to. No backbeat, no dice is how I basically roll these days; with rare exception (Mia Schoen, Kirsty Stegwazi). Instead watched some TV: The Chaser (punchable), Summer Heights High (superbly acted), NEWStopia (meh). Even though it was greatly satisfying to see Shaun Micallef back on air the only redeeming moments for me were the inspired names of his correspondents and his facial expressions. Then again I didn’t know what the hell he was on about half the time, so what do I know. Maybe it was gobsmackingly genius.

My copy of Soldier Talk by Red Crayola arrived today. Apparently I should be excited to listen to it and evidently I am. Will my thirst for funk ever cease?

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