Wednesday, October 31, 2007

But Undercover of the Night always brings a tear to my eye

I did more out of the ordinary stuff on the weekend I went to Sydney and played with my good friend and two of her good friends who are now my good friends.

Out for Thai food at Three Mangoes and Tom said do you think the name of the restaurant is a pun on Three Amigos, I threw my hands up in the air and said damn that’s clever (which was true) and his wife M said no because that’s Mexican talk and then Tom said Hey, check it out and slapped the wall and sure enough it was prime Santa Fe sandstone he was slapping. We ate a bunch of food that was real nice and I was hurriedly stuffing my face with fresh chili trying not to look macho. M did the same. I asked if she could feel the geyser of endorphin and she said no what a strange concept and I told her I said that’s at least 55 percent of why I do it. Her return glance was priceless let me tell ya. We intervened on our good friend and said write a play, be a star, do whatever and do it now! The wine was all gone so we went back to my aforementioned good friend’s who runs a hell of a blog and listened to Stonesy. Companions were all too articulate for me as I struggled to explain why the stones were capable of matching Neil Young for honest to goodness feeling. They knew what they wanted to say and were original in how they said it (but freaking jaded as shit too, I’ll just add quietly). I cut my losses and told Tom I was going to make him a Pavement mix that’s gonna blow his mind! Anyway we’re throwing a reunion party for Tom and M’s band in Melbourne next year. I don’t think I have to ask De Campo’s permission for that!

The next day we checked out Tom & M’s new digs in an artist colony South of Sydney. My good friend couldn’t keep her hands off the trees, tres wild! Meanwhile I never seen so many birds in my life. A white cockatoo Tom said looked like me was displaying its yellow Mohican something or other. A qualified botanist we were like you should do guided tours, Tom. He was like nah. He seems happy making his woodcarvings and playing Facebook Scrabble with his Dutch dealer. But seriously everywhere we turned Tom would point out a kookaburra (if ever a bird made you feel good to be alive…). We also seen some rainbow larakeets and most chilling - a snake in the grass. Tom said it’s a black snake I said No way it’s a tiger snake, which is black too, yes, but also deadly.

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