Friday, July 06, 2007

To Hell with this Town!

Lunch was cancelled yesterday by AO, he was taking his daughter to the snow. I was fine with that mainly because I didn’t have the available funds (pay comes through tonight) and after a recent cardigan rampage I took some pride in abstaining.

Out of curiosity, I checked my statement this morning and lo and behold there was over a hundred and forty dollars in there! Jubilantly I emailed two colleagues CS and MN (they sit over the partition wall from me, still I chose to email them) and begged them to reconsider lunch even though AO would not be participating. I explained how excited I was to devour a Swan Hotel Chicken Parmagiana but MN had already made plans and CS merely wanted soup from next door.

The soup idea sounded good and I also figured I could buy my tram ticket and mail a postcard.

CS further convinced me to get a bagel, so the plan was to go down to the grocer for the bagel and up to the café for a cup of soup. On the way to the grocer we popped into the café to make sure the soup was a good one, it was, so we went and bought the bagels. I bought mine (.95 cents) and took out one-hundred bucks. The cashier was a bit annoyed and said we have an ATM and I was like I know but it charges me two bucks every time. She said I don’t have a hundred bucks I don’t think. Could you check? She did and she did. CS was next in line and she had picked up some garlic and herb cream cheese that she said I could have free of charge. So far so good.

With a hundred bucks in my pocket I said goodbye to CS and went into the post office to buy my monthly tram ticket and stamp so i could mail the postcard. The total came to $102.90. But I only had a $102.85. The transport shits had raised the prices again. I was totally furious. I bought the ticket and stormed back to the grocer to use the ATM, so I could afford to pay for a postcard and a cup of soup. I bought the stamp and paid the man the five cents extra and then I walked all the way back to work and it wasn’t until I was at my desk that I realised I had forgotten to buy the goddamn soup.


DB's Intern said...

And the soup of the day you so tediously missed out on was...?

boy moritz said...

chicken and vegetable