Monday, July 16, 2007

Shampoos of Glory (or Blades of Redken)

Trouble for friends of de campo who failed to acknowledge her new hairdo on Saturday night are destined to languish in the bottom tier of her thoughts for the better part of an eternity this week. Not a pretty place to be I can attest. A haircut inspired by Rumer Willis deserves more than that, but then that's just me. I'm the kind of guy who knows if someone has shampooed in the last 48 hours and whether they have conditioned or not. It’s a smart tool that I use only sparingly, which means not all the time.

At the Pony on Saturday night New Estate introduced a new song into their repertoire that reminded me of Moonlight Mile, only better. A new look Mid-State Orange brought a snap and a significant crackle to their pop. I was quite impressed with the results of that initiative. In other news, my buttock is well-mended and my left eye has stopped twitching.

Oh and I chortled my through the latest Will Ferrell masterpiece on Friday night. It's called Blades of Glory and it don't matter that the rest of the cast get bum lines, see it on the big-screen for Ferrell and the bawdy musical numbers, which are just superb.